Cult of the Lamb is extremely exciting and interesting. You superintend a cute but obsessed herbivore whose task is to find loyal followers. Since, according to the plot, a stranger saves you, you need to repay his debt, at least in this way. So get ready for a fun adventure! You won’t regret it!


Despite the rather dark and spooky setting, Cult of the Lamb has a very pleasing visual style. Also, the soundtrack and controls are made at the highest level, so you have the opportunity to enjoy this game to the maximum. But assignments are the best part of it. They are so different and unique!

In addition to the usual tasks, such as extracting resources to build temples and other buildings, appeasing local deities, and maintaining the faith of followers, many challenges await you.

Travel across the vast world fighting various enemies. Each victory strengthens your dominance and strength.

Remember that it is necessary for you to become the only god, so put in as much effort as possible. Train your people, explore other territories, perform mystical rituals, and get rid of the infidels. You have a huge responsibility, so take it seriously.

Why Is This Game So popular?

First, the idea and its execution. It’s both charming and scary at the same time due to the setting and cartoonish style. You decide whether you want to be a kind and caring leader, or cynical and selfish. It is possible for you to use your abilities to rescue the weak or to achieve your goal.

Improve your stats and power with the help of belief and tarot cards. Dispose of your people as you wish, fulfilling their requests or mocking them. Choose the direction your religion will take. You are definitely going to like it, so you should recommend it to relatives and friends. They may be absolutely delighted with it.

Cult of the Lamb Demo