This game does not stand still and constantly continues to develop actively. Thus, players get fresh content and mechanics. In Cult of the Lamb you have to go on a unique journey in which you have to become a god!

Speaking about the process, it is worth noting that this is a strategy in which you have to organize your sect. Therefore, it is possible for you to start inviting followers there who will help develop it and make it one!

How to Increase Follower Number?

This is a pretty important point here. To do this, you first need to improve your base. Build various structures and buildings and so on. Furthermore, it is necessary for you to have a fairly large amount of resources in order to often conduct rituals and various sermons.

Moreover, it is possible for you to go on expeditions during which you are able to stumble upon different sects that believe in something different from yours. Therefore, now you have the opportunity to conduct the recruitment process. Accordingly, some may end up coming to you.

Well, if someone is against it, then there is a functionality that allows you to fight against other societies. Therefore, playing can become quite dynamic for you.

In general, if we talk about the game, it is worth noting that it received a lot of positive reviews. Accordingly, in the end it motivated the developers to eventually continue to develop it. And, moreover, add a lot of interesting things. Thus, it is just necessary for you to keep up with the news.

Therefore, in the new versions, fresh combat systems appeared. Additionally, now this process has the opportunity to become even more exciting for you. And for whom it could still be simplified. Also, you are able to receive a lot of fresh stuff like clothes and resources with such additional content!

Moreover, various interesting events and tasks are added, during which it is necessary for you to perform many interesting actions. Thus, you have to go through many different tests. And at the end, you are even capable of facing the boss! And it may be really interesting and exciting for you!

Cult of the Lamb Update