Among the huge number of action roguelikes, it is Don’t Starve that you will like the most. This world filled with science and magic will definitely enchant you. You control a scientist who has been fooled by an evil demon. You are in unknown lands where creatures are dangerous. What to do in such a situation.

Explore these territories while extracting the resources you need to survive. Be extremely careful, because it is so easy to die here. Especially when no one will help you adapt here. You will have to figure out for yourself what to create, build, collect, study, with whom to be friends or fight.

Also, one of the main advantages of it is frequent updates. You can advise developers to add new features or point out annoying bugs. And next time you will see all this in it. You will also enjoy the visuals, sound, controls, optimizations, mechanics and features.

Don’t Starve